Teacher Training

Om Prem is proud to be the host studio for The College of Purna Yoga Vancouver.  The College provides a complete yoga immersion/teacher training program that focuses on teaching students to live their yoga and thereby create deep personal transformation.  The College will help you to find your truth so you can live your purpose. 
Find out why the College is unique by visiting its website, www.purnayogacollege.com
Here are some of the comments from college graduates: 

“At The College of Purna Yoga we are actually learning how to teach. I’ve attended a beginner teacher training where 75% of the workshop consisted of the teacher trainees performing asana. By the time I began teaching a few classes I was doing the asanas with the students rather than teaching. As I continue at the College I am able to realize there is a difference between teachers who perform for their students and those who are able to actually teach their students. – EB”

“Purna Yoga teacher training was life changing in every aspect. Brad has a grounding presence, and an amazing understanding of human anatomy. His teaching style is clear and precise in every pose, using poetic metaphors to help students understand the deeper meaning. – JF”