Teaching Shoulderstand

shirshasana_picInversions have more benefits than any other type of posture, so it is important to lead them frequently. However, they also involve serious safety issues and therefore must be taught with mastery.  In this workshop, we will review how to prepare students for and lead them into a safe and effective sarvangasana.


You will learn, among other things:

  • Who should not be inverting at all
  • How to create the necessary shoulder flexibility for the posture
  • The most important safety points to look for and lead
  • The crucial alignment points
  • How most commonly led shoulderstands create damage in the neck over time
  • How to structure a practice to lead a student towards the posture
  • How to assist students in the posture to create more effective alignment
  • How to encourage the psychological benefits of the posture
  • How to lead the energetics of transformation inherent in the posture

This workshop is open to teachers of all levels.  You will practice leading others in the posture to insure you have practical skills when you leave.

Fees: Only $45! Please click here to register for this course!
October 5   1 – 4 pm