As we progress in our careers, and professional and personal development, we need to quickly adapt to the ever-increasing demands of modern life. The achievers and high-performers amongst us turn to coaches for help in the areas they desire to change at a quicker pace than they would on their own.

Some specific areas that Atta has helped his clients to date are:

  • helping executives building a stronger rapport with their teams
  • developing high potential individuals (to live from their best Self)
  • developing leadership presence and being a sounding board
  • business development coaching, and
  • facilitating major career/life transitions.

Atta deals with human development in a comprehensive and all-embracing way leaving you with sustainable change, a felt sense of leadership presence, and ways you aspire to be in your personal and professional life. He builds customized coaching programs specific to your needs and “as unique as your DNA”. The duration of his executive coachings are minimum 6 to 9 months, and 12 months for those assigned by their Board and/or CEO Attaof their organization. 

He a certified Integral Master Coach, a master-level coaching program recognized by international coaching federation (ICF). He’s helped numerous executives in multi-national corporations to navigate through complex changes successfully, being fully present and engaged in transforming their teams while living their life-purpose. 

Contact Atta via email by clicking here, or call us to schedule an appointment with Atta Ananda Emami to discuss how you can benefit from his leadership (developmental) coaching and expediting your own development.