Our main studio is covered with windows on two sides (front and west side) and the rest is covered with Yoga Walls! We have two private rooms for one-on-one life coaching, leadership coaching, and private and semi-private yoga sessions.

New to yoga, our studio? Welcome! We hope the following support your orientation to Om Prem: 

  • please arrive 10 minutes prior to the class start time and sign a waiver first
  • please wear comfortable clothing that you can be relax and stretch in
  • treat your time in our studio (and any other studios) as your sacred time and leave the worldly affairs behind the studio doors
  • we offer complimentary mats for use during your practice, and we ask that you kindly spray and wipe them, and fold them twice (from the middle and one more)
  • take your own mat home. We do not have space to keep your mats at the studio, and cannot guarantee/insure them if you leave them behind
  • kindly inform the teacher with any injuries you have had in the past and what you are working on prior to start of the class
  • do not start taking yoga classes because you’ve recently injured yourself and using yoga instead of physiotherapy; join-in when/if your physiotherapist, GP or chiropractor is suggesting you to do so
  • if you are not comfortable to get physical cues or minor adjustments please mention that to your teacher. remember that you are the master of your body/mind/heart
  • your practice after the closing OM should continue while folding the blankets, spraying your mat, putting the props mindfully in their original place, and continuously working on your personal development till you come to your mat next. This is one of the many facets of Yoga
  • please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments
  • The Yoga Practice (TYP) new members: the final day of completing this transition was July 1, 2016 as per communications TYP made, plus the content in their website. Please direct your inquires to the contact information listed on the TYP website. 

Testimonials from our members:

“I first came to Om Prem Yoga because of long-term shoulder injuries.  My practice not only allows me to open and strengthen my upper body, but to shift my mind (an incredibly valuable, unexpected benefit).  I love the small classes and the fantastic group of ladies I’ve connected with through this studio. – EC”

“Yoga has become a good habit for me.  I now have greater strength, posture and an understanding of how to use breath techniques to relax.  I love the demographic at Om Prem.  I feel no sense of competition here – just one of the reasons I keep coming back. – DL”

“Om Prem is a lovely studio with a variety of instructors that each bring something different.  Thanks to my practice I have a stronger core and a greater sense of serenity. – JBF”

“This studio has literally transformed my life.  I came because I was desperate with acute hip pain and destined for surgery.  A year later I’m not on pain killers or the surgical waiting list; my doctor can’t believe I’m working through it with yoga and exercise.  Through mostly Restorative classes and the attentiveness of the teachers, I’ve learned to manage my hip pain, reduce my anxiety and make life long connections with an amazing group of women. – NC”

“Since coming to Om Prem I’m happier, more comfortable in my own skin, and better able to focus on the present moment.  I LOVE the people here and feel like I’m getting together with family when I come to class.  All this, the small class sizes, and the high level of instruction keep me coming back. – LK”

“Om Prem is just a walk down the hill, so initially I came because of the convenience.  Now, I’m here because of the strong relationships I have with the dedicated teachers and fellow students.  Since finding a regular practice, my body feel so good.  Yoga has strengthened my connection to body, mind and spirit. My daily practice has touched and inspired all aspects of my life, it’s brought more balance and flow. – JM”

“Being new to West Vancouver, I was initially drawn to Om Prem to meet people and to increase my physical balance.  I got both here.  In addition, yoga has been an incredibly calming influence in my life (I wish I had yoga when I had young children) and most importantly has allowed me to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night.  I love the teachers, the social connections I’ve made, and the fact that it’s not overly spiritual. – SC”

“Purna Yoga teacher training was life changing in every aspect. Brad has a grounding presence, and an amazing understanding of human anatomy. His teaching style is clear and precise in every pose, using poetic metaphors to help students understand the deeper meaning. – JF”

“I am a logic thinking person and like to understand why I do things the way I do them…Brad has been able to teach us the WHY’s – NS”

“At The College of Purna Yoga we are actually learning how to teach. I’ve attended a beginner teacher training where 75% of the workshop consisted of the teacher trainees performing asana. By the time I began teaching a few classes I was doing the asanas with the students rather than teaching. As I continue at the College I am able to realize there is a difference between teachers who perform for their students and those who are able to actually teach their students. – EB”

“Brad brings a lot of passion, expertise, compassion, and care for each and every individual student and his energy every week, week after week is infectious – NB”

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