Why I Study and Teach Purna Yoga by Brad Waites

I study Purna Yoga so that I may, with ever-deepening truth and accuracy, answer the question, “Why am I here?”  I teach Purna Yoga to offer to others some effective techniques to explore and answer this same inquiry should they so choose.

For me, “Why am I here?” is the first question, the last question, and all the questions in between.  Every other question in some way arises out of this elemental inquiry and is a subset of it.  Logically, if I want to live my soul’s mission (my dharma) from day-to-day and minute-to-minute, I must be in close and constant contact with my soul.  The deeper my connection to my soul, the more clearly I hear and feel its guidance.  The greater my surrender to this voice, the more integrated my soul becomes in my existence, and the more I live my purpose.

These are not concepts unique to Purna Yoga.  What is unique, in my experience, is the simplicity, clarity, and effectiveness of the techniques taught and used to contact the soul, to surrender to it, and to follow its guidance.  I study and teach Purna Yoga because it works.  Since I began using Purna Yoga techniques, the uncertainty of my practice has evaporated; I no longer wonder what to do, how to do it, or why I am doing it.  My practice and my energies are focused on evolving into the embodiment of my true purpose – into living my dharma.  Everything else seems, to me, secondary.

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One thought on “Why I Study and Teach Purna Yoga by Brad Waites

  1. Having worked with Brad and seen how he effortlessly moves people from one pose to another, all the while being mindful of their safety as well as creating a serious of poses that meets the needs of the students, reminds me that indeed, there are some teachers out there who really understand what yoga is all about.

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