We are ONE

When you come to Om Prem Yoga, I want you to feel at home. You are not our guest!!! You are an important member of our community and together we co-create a community to foster connecting us to our higher levels of consciousness in support of transforming our lives and the fulfilment of our own life’s purpose, people around us, our community, and ultimately the world.

I feel privileged and honoured to have the opportunity to serve the community I have lived in and love for more than a decade. If the community values and supports us and we can be of service to our community I’m fully committed to serve every single one of our members.

Regardless of where Om Prem Yoga is in 10 years (or other studios for that matter) please remember that you will never become a “Yoga Orphan”! There cannot be such a thing as a “yoga orphan”! As Sri Aurobindo eloquently says “all life is Yoga”. I believe yoga is an internal experience you go through to connect to your higher Being through increasing the awareness of your physical body; in other words it’s the experience when you mindfully align your mind, body, and heart. When you go to a multi-purpose room with many other people doing some physical movements and some resemble traditional asana (postures) moves you are not doing yoga regardless of the name of that program you’ve signed up for. If however, you experience a form of meditation/centering, discussion about applied philosophies of yoga, and nutrition and lifestyle, as well as some asana movements, then that’s yoga. You still need to mindfully align your mind, body, and heart to connect to your Being in order to experience yoga.

May you experience the deepest level of connection to your true Being in this life time.

Om & Prem, Atta

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