Om & Prem

Since a lot of people asked us in and around the time of our open house about the meaning of “Om” and “Prem” we wanted to share a brief on those with everyone:

OM is the eternal, OM is all this universe. OM is the syllable of assent. Saying “OM, let us hear,” the sages begin the recitation. OM moves the cosmic vital force (prana). Every vibration in the body and in the universe emerges from OM, sustains in OM, and returns to OM. Every humming emerges from OM, sustains in OM and returns to OM. To an aching person, OM cures. To a poet, it brings inspiration. To the philosopher, it brings realization. OM is the consent of being for the Consciousness/Divine to enter into him. OM is the expression of the seekers of Truth.

The Divine is Prem (Love). The Divine expressed OM. Therefore, it is the love expression of the Divine. So, OM has come from Prem, who is the Divine. Love and its expressions are identical, so Prem and OM are One and the same. Namaste.

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