BackMitra Workshop

BackmitraThrough gentle breathing practices and BackMitra sequences, these workshops will unravel tension in your spine and bring space into your whole body. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, you will re-discover your spine. No matter the style of yoga you practice, the BackMitra is complimentary. An ingenious device designed to release tension in the spine while increasing mobility, flexibility and health, the BackMitra is not like anything you have ever experienced! Especially with hours at the computer, the natural curves of the spine are compromised and the back and hips become stiff. As a result, the neck tightens and carries tension, the shoulders roll forward and strain the back further and the lungs are compressed. Compromised breathing patterns create more stress. The Backmitra is an effective tool to alleviate back strain and optimize breath capacity and invites heart opening. Register for the Workshop.

Sharon is a warm-hearted, curious and nurturing guide to the enriching experience of yoga.

The BackMitra ™ is an ingenious tool to effectively mobilize the spine, release tension and restore health & harmony by balancing the nervous system. Used both vertically and horizontally along the spine, the BackMitra™ accesses holding patterns through the layers of the back body and restores our healing relationship with gravity.~ Mitra is the Sanskrit word for Friend ~ Anyone who has a spine can benefit from the BackMitra. One colleague refers to her Mitra as her portable chiropractor. Sign up for the workshop.

“What I most enjoyed was the richness and fullness of the workshop. Your multi-dimensional approach not only engaged me physically but also my intellect, senses, emotions, curiosity, and sense of wonder were fully involved. The holistic way appeals to so many parts of me; it inspired me to want to explore and learn more!”

Joan T.