Healthy Hips for Life

Hips should be strong, open, balanced in all planes of movement; otherwise, the result is often strained tendons and ligaments, excessive wear to the cartilage inside the hip joint, knee problems, and low back pain, not to mention fundamental postural misalignment.  Most asana classes focus on opening the hips in only a few directions, which actually leads to a greater imbalance in the hips and exacerbates knee and back pain.  This workshop will teach you a simple, intelligent and effective series that you can do for life to restore and maintain the health of your hips.  Don’t become one of the almost 15,000 Canadians who will have a hip replacement this year.   
This workshop is a must for:
  • Athletes of all levels and ability
  • Everyone who wants to avoid hip issues associated with aging
  • those with hip pain, low back pain, and/or knee issues
  • teachers who want to learn more about opening the hips, as well as a series they can lead to all students.
Open to everyone; no yoga experience necessary.
August 25, 2 pm – 4:30 pm