How to Teach Headstand

Teaching HeadstandShirshasana is called the King of Asana because it has so many benefits.  The posture has to be taught and practiced with an abundance of care, or the neck will suffer and more than erase the posture’s benefits.  



In this workshop, you will learn:

  • when shirshasana is contraindicated
  • which muscles must be opened and several innovative ways to do that
  • how to create a neural connection to the most important muscle for the posture, as well as how to strengthen it
  • when a student is ready to try shirshasana
  • steps to take to prepare the student for shirshasana
  • how to assist a student in shirshasana
  • how to tell if the neck is safe for each individual student
  • alternatives for students who are not ready to go up

This workshop will also help you with your own headstand.

Fees: Only $45! Register for this great workshop!
December 7: 1 pm – 4 pm