Shoulder StandShoulder-stand or Sarvangasana’s benefits are too numerous to list fully.  It gives us an opportunity to reverse the effects of gravity on the body.  Done correctly, it is a deeply nurturing posture that is wonderful for the digestive system.  It corrects thyroid problems and balances the immune system.  However, it must be done with a focused alignment and an understanding of the correct muscular action so that there is no long-term injury. It takes years of correct practice to cultivate the opening, poise and balance of this masterful pose. This workshop will give you tools to undo damage caused by poor alignment and teach you techniques for a safe and strong sarvangasana.

Open to advanced beginners and above.  Inversions are not appropriate for everyone; this workshop is not a good choice for you if you have had a stroke, have a seizure condition, high blood pressure, neck issues, eye issues made worse by pressure, heart condition, acid reflux, or a hiatal hernia.  Otherwise, you’re good!

Fees: $25. Register for this workshop!
July 20   2 – 4 pm